"TELL ME THIS ISN'T A BRILLIANT IDEA! Towel Tapper you guys just made my day!" 

-Eric Olanowski covering B1G Network (SU), NCAA, ESPNU & ESPN3 Wrestling Analyst

"Durability is the biggest positive for this product. Saved a ton of time not taping towels or cutting up cheap pool noodles. Officials appreciated the product and if you don't have a towel boy the weight of the tapper allows you to throw it into the mat to stop the match if needed. Highly recommend!" 
-Tony Hagar, Takedown Wrestling

"I'll take your first ten of black and white- these are fantastic!"
-Regional Athletic Director, Michael Roy-Vicksburg MI

"One of the most innovative wrestling products to come along in a while. No more cutting towels up and wrapping them with tape. Great product, light weight but, very durable, shows school spirit. This product is highly recommended and will enhance any wrestling program."
-Michael Roy, CMAA

"Our number one goal as a wrestling program, Whitehall Mi, is to sell the awesome sport of wrestling. This, well designed product, helps to market our program and sport as professional. The "Towel Tapper" looks so much better than taped together towels. Long overdue, thanks so much."  
-Cliff Sandee

"Just used them for the first time at our tournament last weekend.  The vibrant colors and comfortable feel had people fighting to use them.  Great product.  I will recommend it to everybody that hosts a tournament in our area."  
-Paul Streich, Tournament Director 

"Sturdy, heavy duty foam that won't rip up. Refs will no doubt feel it. Good product and a nice upgrade for tournaments."  

"We are very pleased with our order from Towel Tapper.  We saw them at other big tournaments and knew then that we needed them for our duals and tournaments to add to the professionalism of them. Our order was correct and very quick.  Our program highly recommends them."  
-Marc Fisher, Lebanon Yellowjacket Wrestling

"Love it!"