The Product

As entrepreneurs and parents of wrestlers, Annie Rupert and Stephanie Mallery saw a need in the world of wrestling. During a wrestling match, the person identified as the tapper, usually a younger wrestler or siblings, alerts the referee when time has expired. The tapper was previously equipped with a pool noodle or taped towel that they use to "whack" the referee. Finding no products on the market, Annie and Stephanie developed a product that would make their wrestling program look better as well as programs across the United States.

Our Vision

The Towel Tapper® is the long awaited product that elevates wrestling as a sport. Providing quality and customization, Towel Tapper® has created a name in wrestling. We strive to provide great customer service and we stand behind every item we sell. We believe in the product and love that we can be apart of the wrestling community.

"Our number one goal as a wrestling program is to sell the awesome sport of wrestling.  This, well designed product, helps to market our program and sport as professional.  The "Towel Tapper" looks so much better than taped together towels. Long overdue, thanks so much."  -Cliff Sandee, Whitehall High School Head Coach

 Annie Rupert

Stephanie Mallery